Australia: Midsumma Pride March In Melbourne And Date For Apology

Daniel Andrews left and Bill Shorten

Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews (left) and Bill Shorten

Thousands celebrated with the LGBT community in Melbourne yesterday, as the Midsumma Pride March took place in St Kilda.

To support the gay community, there were politicians from the Labor Party and the Greens, together with the Premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews.

Andrews was one of the speakers at the rally, and he criticised Malcolm Turnbull, the Australian Prime Minister, for going with the idea of a marriage equality plebiscite, saying many coalition members say they will ignore the results of a plebiscite anyway.

Andrews stated:

“Discrimination is wrong in any form, it’s not negotiable, and it’s not for any politician to tell people who they can marry, how they can express their love. It is not for any politician to tell anyone in our community their relationship is secondary or not as much value as mine or theirs”.

He also gave the date of May 24 as the day when the Victorian government would issue a formal apology to gay men convicted of homosexual crimes before 1980, when homosexuality was decriminalised.  The record is also being expunged so that these men will not have a criminal record.

He told reporters: “Sending the strongest message that we are sorry, that that was a dark chapter in our history, and we are better than that”.

Also at the march, Bill Shorten, leader of the opposition in Australia, stated that his government will bring in equal marriage if Labor win the next election. “Within 100 days we will put legislation in the parliament for marriage equality, and all MPs will vote according to their choice” he said.

Bill Shorten also tweeted:

“Marching for marriage equality with & my family. Msg to PM clear: stop delaying marriage equality”



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