US: Police Chief’s Daughter Who Gay Bashed Is Sentenced

Kathryn Knott-tweets

Kathryn Knott, who was involved in the attack on the gay couple in September 2014

A woman from Pennsylvania, who had taken part in beating up a gay couple in September 2014, has received a sentence of  5 – 10 months imprisonment.

25-year-old, Kathryn Knott, from Bucks County, was one of a group of 15 friends out for birthday celebrations, who engaged in the attack on the gay couple. The couple, Zachary Hesse and Andy Haught, were walking to the Gayborhood area to get pizza when the attack happened.

Knott was identified by witnesses as throwing a punch during the attack, and although she denied the action, it was partially captured on video.

She had been acquitted of  felony aggravated assault in December, but was found guilty of simple assault, conspiracy and reckless endangerment. The judge, Roxanne Covington, also said she was to serve two years of probation, and get anger management training. The judge also questioned how Knott, a former hospital worker and police chief’s daughter, could walk away from the badly-injured victim (Haught) who was one part of the gay couple.

Some of the attackers were said to be from the same Catholic school.

beating of gay couple trioOf three who had been arrested for the assault, two – Kevin Harrigan and Phillip Williams –  both pleaded guilty to assault and conspiracy, and were given community service and probation. Knott, however, did not take a plea deal.

While Hesse had been hit in the head by both Harrigan and Knott, Haught was left in a pool of blood with a broken jaw and broken cheekbones.

This particular attack, which left the victims badly beaten and with broken jaw and cheekbones, was instrumental in getting Philadelphia to change its legislation to include sexual orientation in its hate crime laws.

However, while there had been speculation that the trio would get up to thirty years between them for the assault, in the event it was only Knott who has been sentenced to any time in prison (and 5 to 10 months is quite short) with Harrigan and Williams only getting community service and probation.




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