Italy: Civil Unions Bill Postponed


Matteo Renzi, Italian Prime Minister

Yesterday (Wed 17) the Italian government postponed voting on a bill which, it was hoped, would bring in Civil Unions for the gay community.

The sticking point appears to be on adoption, as the new legislation would allow gay people to adopt their partners’ children, and whereas 70% of voters would agree to Civil Partnership, only about 24% would extend adoption rights to the LGBT community.

The bill was only debated for a few hours when it was postponed, with a recommencement date given for 23 February.

The ruling party’s chief whip, Luigi Zanda, said the postponement would allow for a period of reflection ” so we can pull the political threads back together and find the path that allows us to proceed in an orderly fashion”, according to Reuters.

Italian Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi, had promised to bring in Civil Unions last year, but has faced opposition from members of his own party, and also from the Catholic Church.

Renzi is a member of the Democratic Party (PDs) and is the youngest Prime Minister of Italy since unification in 1861.



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