Film Review & Trailer: How To Be Single

how to be singleFrances Winston was expecting this to be a feminist movie with four female leads, but found instead a rom-com with some stereotypical storylines. Good for some laughs.

Directed by: Christian Ditter –  Starring: Dakota Johnson, Rebel Wilson, Alison Brie, Leslie Mann

In a season of extremely male-centric movies, you would be hard-pressed to find a female face smiling out from any of the movie posters in your local cinema, so I was quite excited to see that this offering boasted not one, but four, female leads, and that there was not a guy’s picture in sight on the posters.

It also appeared to be less saccharine and twee than many offerings that boast a female cast. However, looks can be deceptive, so naturally I had to see did this deliver. Based on the book of the same name, it follows Alice (Johnson) as she takes a break from her boyfriend, and finds herself being guided through the single jungle by the outrageous Robin (Wilson) who has this flying solo thing down – so much so that she treats it almost as a full-time job.

Meanwhile, her sister, Meg (Mann) is finding that her career as a doctor isn’t fulfilling her the way it used to, and so makes the decision to have a baby by sperm donor, while Alison Brie’s Lucy spends her days trawling dating websites, in search of the perfect man who ticks all her boxes.

So far so stereotypical. And it doesn’t end there. There’s also the “man about town” who is shocked to discover he has feelings for a woman, the sensitive single dad, who doesn’t know how to juggle dating and his child, and the lovesick tomboy, who just wants to be with his older woman no matter what. The thinking is clearly that if you throw enough clichés at something, one of them is bound to stick.

In fairness this is not bad – just formulaic. The on-screen relationships are all believable, and the cast gel really well. There are some lovely moments – Mann plays a blinder in a scene that depicts her broodiness – and some very funny gags.

It just al feels a bit like fast food – satisfying at the time, but you’re hungry for more an hour later. However, I did find I laughed out loud at a couple of scenes (there’s a morning after the night before scene that should crack up even the biggest cynic) and, if not fully satisfied, I did have a smile on my face at the end.

This is pretty standard feel-good rom-com fare (dressed up as a feel-good feminist movie) but it is perfect for a girl’s night out, and should at least raise a grin. Sorry lads, but this one is strictly for the ladies.

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