Australia: LGBT Advocates Call For Free Vote As Libs Argue Over Plebiscite

australiaMarriage equality advocates in Australia say the unwillingness of conservative Liberal politicians to abide by the outcome of a marriage equality plebiscite shows the issue should be resolved quickly in parliament without an expensive public vote.

Senator Cory Bernardi has joined Senator Eric Abetz in saying he will not vote for marriage equality should the Australian public endorse the reform at the ballot box, with pro-equality MP, Warren Entsch, labelling their stance “bizarre” and “extraordinary” and his Liberal colleague, Steve Ciobo, calling it “passing strange”.

Australian Marriage Equality national director, Rodney Croome, said,

“There’s no point having an expensive public vote if politicians won’t abide by the outcome.”

“A plebiscite was proposed as a way to smooth over divisions within the Coalition on marriage equality but clearly that has failed.”

“Many people are concerned that we are having this expensive public vote simply for internal party politics, when we already know Australians support fairness in marriage”.

“The onus is on Malcolm Turnbull to allow his party a free vote on marriage equality as soon as possible so Australia can move on.”

For more information on divisions over a plebiscite, click here.

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