EILE Magazine February 2016 Monthly Issue – Out Now!

Screenshot 2016-02-29 22.34.39In this month’s issue of EILE Magazine, we feature Kate Brown, singer/songwriter and her latest single Bring Me Down Dixie, Kamila Dydyna on her new film, The Betrayal, and Gareth Russell writes about King James I and his love for the Duke of Buckingham.

We also feature Venezuelan photographer, Bonnie Rodriguez aka Bonnie RzM, Mark Anthony writes about London Fashion Week, and Lisa Reynolds writes about Bowie’s fifth studio album, The Rise & Fall of Ziggy Stardust. Frances Winston gives us a run-down on Zoolander and Concussion, and Brian Rochford writes about the immune system. David Culhane muses on how to achieve balance in our lives, and we have news, views and entertainment features.

All this and much more goes to make up this month’s EILE Magazine. Free to read or download. Just click on the magazine icon to go straight to February’s issue, or click on Monthly Issues on the top bar to get the whole pantheon of issues to date. Enjoy!

About EILE Magazine

The new LGBT magazine; available online, for download and on podcast. It's time for another view.
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