Outstanding LGBTQ Physicists

physics1The LGBTQ biographical site, Queerbio, has written to us about outstanding LGBTQ people in Physics:

“Physics is an extremely technical field of scientific study that requires an intense commitment of effort and focus together with a collection of advanced educational skills. It is a natural science that looks at the study of matter and how it evolves through space and time. The field encompasses several specific areas, including astrophysics, nuclear physics, and biophysics.

To advance this intricate field of study requires the recruitment of the brightest and most creative minds. It is important, therefore, to see broad participation of the LGBTQ community in the profession. Notable among this community is the large number of lesbian scientists and academics, as well as the number of transgender individuals in the field. Many of these LGBTQ individuals have received significant awards and accolades for their work, and the list includes Tim Atherton, Great Britain, Samuel Brinton, United States, Benedict Friedlander, Germany, and Lisa Harvey-Smith, Australia.

Most recently, lesbian physicist Nergis Mavalvala shot to global fame as a member of the group of scientists who proved Einstein’s theory of the existence of gravitational waves (2016) when they were detected using the ultrasensitive telescope they created. This is sure to inspire all LGBTQ individuals pursuing physics as their field of study.

There are several professional organizations for LGBTQ physicists. Notable among these are the National Organization of Gay and Lesbian Scientists and Technical Professors (NOGLSTP) and LGBT+Physicists.  These organizations strive to improve the working climate for their members through greater acceptance and support in their workplaces. In various surveys, LGBTQ physicists have noted that the biggest problem for them as a community is the lack of visibility of members along with allies in the profession”.

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