GLEN Pays Tribute to the Dáil’s Equality Champions‏

glen logoGLEN congratulates the new and re-elected TDs who played significant roles in the marriage referendum and in the advancement of LGBT equality, and pays tribute to those across the political spectrum who have been champions of equality but who were not re-elected.

“We would like to put on record our deep appreciation to all those who were part of an Oireachtas that was the most reforming for LGBT equality in the history of the State” said Kieran Rose, GLEN Co-Chair.

“We warmly congratulate both Leo Varadkar, who was re-elected, and Katherine Zappone, the newly elected and first openly lesbian member of the Dáil. We look forward to working with them and all members of the Dáil in this new term” said Rose.

The last Oireachtas was the most transformative in the history of the State for LGBT people. It brought in equal recognition and protection for lesbian and gay headed families for the first time, equality in marriage by bringing forward the referendum, world leading gender recognition legislation and removed the last of the legal barriers to employment equality for LGBT people.

The election has produced mixed results from an LGBT perspective, with three LGBT members of the last Oireachtas not being re-elected, and other strong supporters of equality for LGBT across all parties also not being re-elected.

“We would like to offer our particular appreciation to the LGBT members of the last Dáil who were not re-elected – Jerry Buttimer, John Lyons and Dominic Hanningan. They and their colleagues were champions for equality and pioneers of the changes we have seen over the last five years. We would like to thank them for their extraordinary work over that period, and indeed longer, to deliver a more equal Ireland for LGBT people” continued Rose.

“All political parties had commitments to further equality for LGBT people in their manifestos. We look forward to working with all Parties, and with the next Government, to build on the goodwill expressed by Irish people in the referendum to ensure that equality for LGBT people is made a reality in their daily lives” concluded Rose.

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