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Ellen Burstyn in House of Cards

On Friday, 4 March last, Emmy and Golden Globe-winning hit series House of Cards returns to Netflix for a fourth season brimming with tension, conflict, deception and plenty of surprises. All 13 episodes of the new season will become available to Netflix members worldwide at 8:01 a.m (Irish time).

“I feel so blessed that audiences around the world have proven such loyal and passionate viewers,” Kevin Spacey says. “I can’t wait for them to get a look at Season 4.” When viewers last saw President Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey​), he was left to deal with his fractured marriage to Claire (Robin Wright​) and an increasingly fractured electorate.

This season finds him trying to put the pieces back together in preparation for the upcoming presidential race. The fourth season marks the return of House of Cards’ outstanding supporting cast, including Emmy-nominated actor Michael Kelly​as Frank’s chief of staff, Doug Stamper; Elizabeth Marvel​as political rival Heather Dunbar; and Jayne Atkinson​as Secretary of State Cathy Durant. Mahershala Ali​, Derek Cecil​, Nathan Darrow​, Kim Dickens​and Molly Parker​also reprise their roles.

Several esteemed actors join the cast this season as well, including Oscar, Golden Globe-, Tony and Emmy-winning actress Ellen Burstyn​, Emmy and Tony-winning actress Cicely Tyson​and acclaimed performers Neve Campbell​(Mad Men) and Joel Kinnaman ​(The Killing, RoboCop). “I think that we introduced more faces probably this season than we have since the beginning,” notes casting director Laray Mayfield​.

Created for television by Beau Willimon​, House of Cards is executive produced by Willimon​, Wright​, Spacey​, Dana Brunetti​, Joshua Donen​, Eric Roth​, David Fincher​, Michael Dobbs​and Andrew Davies​.  The show is based on Dobbs’ novels and Davies’ miniseries.

House of Cards fans can expect another outstanding effort from the tight-knit cast and creative team in Season 4. Known for its impeccable attention to detail, the series relies on as much talent behind the scenes as it does in front of the camera. “The thing I think I like the most about this season is we have so much history now,” says Jeff Beal​, the show’s composer.

“As we’ve evolved over the seasons, I think it feels much more like a partnership with the editors, with Beau and with the writers. We’re all just trying to do the best and most challenging creative work we can.” Says Mayfield: “We don’t want to spoil anything for people, but oh, man, this year it was so hard to keep it all in, ‘cause we were so excited.”

This season House of Cards viewers will be introduced to a number of important figures in the Underwoods’ world, starting with acclaimed actress Ellen Burstyn​ as Claire’s mother, Elizabeth Hale.

“She has the same intensity but also (the same) femininity that Robin has,” Mayfield says of the actress. “You want to know where Claire gets her strength and her style and everything she is from,” says costume designer Johanna Argan​, who crafted Burstyn’s wardrobe. “And it’s not only for the best reasons: There’s an iciness about Claire, and you get to understand that iciness and that strength because of the mom-daughter relationship.”

As influential Texas congresswoman Doris Jones, veteran actress Cicely Tyson​brings a regalness to the role. “When that character came along, we thought if we could be so fortunate to work with (Tyson), that’s where we would like to start,” Mayfield says. “And we were very lucky that that’s where we stopped, because she said yes.”

“It was brilliant to work with Ellen Burstyn again,” Spacey says. “We did a television film many years ago called The Legacy of Michael Patrick Smith. She’s the real deal, formidable, kind and lots of fun. Ms. Tyson is simply sublime; an actress of extraordinary gifts who means so much to her fellow actors in the Broadway community, as well as those in film and television.”

Play the House of Cards theme song to fans, and they’ll recognize it instantly – sometimes within seconds.

“People know this show all over the whole world,” says composer Jeff Beal​, who has created the show’s music since the beginning. They’re really identifying with the show, and they love the music.”

See Trailer of Season 4 Below:

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