FLAKED Starring Will Arnett & Irish Actress Ruth Kearney Premieres This Friday on Netflix‏ (See Trailer)

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Will Arnett as Chip (left) and David Sullivan as Dennis in Flaked

Reinvention, friendship, sobriety and bullshit are all at the heart of the new Netflix original series, Flaked, a dry human comedy about a slice of life starring Will Arnett (Arrested Development, BoJack Horseman). 

Created and written by Arnett and Mark Chappell (The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret), the story follows Chip (Arnett), a long-time resident of Venice, California, who struggles to stay one step ahead of his past.  All eight half-hour episodes of Flaked’s first season will become available to Netflix members this Friday, 11 March at 8.01am (Irish time).

“It’s a sort of dry comedy that examines a very flawed character as he tries to navigate his way around a world of reinvention,” Arnett explains.

“It at first appears to be a slice of life about a time and a place in Venice, California; there’s a really interesting subculture there,” adds Mitchell Hurwitz (Arrested Development), who serves as an executive producer. “But as you move through it, you realize there are a lot of lies underpinning what the characters are building their identities upon – and a real intrigue that emerges as the truth begins to be cold-pressed out like so much of the overpriced juice that’s being sold on every corner of the real Venice, California.”

As the series begins, viewers meet Chip, a dry-witted recovering alcoholic, and his cadre of pals in AA: best friend Dennis (David Sullivan); Kara (Lina Esco) a friend with occasional benefits; police officer George (Robert Wisdom); and Cooler (George Basil), a cheerful but slightly spaced-out local.  When Dennis and Chip both fall for London (Ruth Kearney), a mysterious new girl in town, it threatens their friendship – and starts to unravel layers of half-truths and deceptions.

“When I see people I know, and I see who their public persona is and who they really are, I’m always fascinated by that gap,” Arnett says. “Everybody does it: In some people it’s wider, and in some people it’s narrower. And I think, did they create that themselves, or is this something that just sort of naturally happened?”

“The characters are very interesting, but a very unexpected story emerges that shows them in very different light by the eighth episode.  Although it is technically ‘less unexpected’ now that I’ve said that. Hurwitz notes. “still it becomes very compelling story telling.”

Arnett, Chappell, Hurwitz, Ben Silverman and Peter Principato serve as executive producers on Flaked, and Electus and Principato-Young Entertainment provide production services. The original score is composed by Steve Malkmus. Flaked is a Netflix production.

Fans of Arrested Development, BoJack Horseman and Arnett’s other high-profile series may be surprised by his more nuanced role in Flaked, but they aren’t likely to be disappointed.

“He loves comedy and he does it so well, but I think in his heart he’s always wanted to try to explore some of his other gifts,” Hurwitz says of the actor. “He wanted to tell this story. And he’s such a great dramatic actor and so naturally funny that it just creates its own tone, I think.”

Arnett, of course, boasts a long resume of recognizable characters, from Emmy-nominated turns on Arrested Development and30 Rock to acclaimed voice roles in BoJack Horseman and The Lego Movie to TV comedies like Up All Night, The Millers andThe Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret.   As Chip on Flaked, Arnett plays a man whose flaws are immediately apparent – and yet he’s never quite who he seems to be.

“What I like about Chip is what I dislike about him: He’s trying to figure it out, and his methodology is often really wrong,” Arnett says.

All eight half-hour episodes of Flaked’s first season will become available to Netflix members this Friday, 11 March at 8.01am (Irish time).

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