Irish Short The Betrayal Announces Partnership With DCU-based Sexuality Studies Researchers & D-Light Studios Dublin

The Betrayal2

Cast & crew of The Betrayal filming in D-Light Studios. Photo credit: Rafal Kostrzewa

The Betrayal, upcoming thriller on social and gender issues, is pleased to announce its two new partners: D-Light Studios Dublin, and DCU-based Sexuality Studies research group.

Headed by Dr Mel Duffy and Mr Jean-Philippe Imbert, EROSS (Expressions, Research, Orientations: Sexuality Studies) is a research group based in DCU and aimed at investigating processes and variations in sexual cultures, sexual identities and gender-role formation.

“We operate in a cross-, inter-, and multi-disciplinary research cluster,” says Mr Imbert,“ and we welcome the inclusion of film media to contribute to sexual literacy, generate well being and advocate social justice.” Dr Duffy adds “The film allows us to take the artistic view of the writer and cinematographer and integrate them with their cultural, ethical, and social perception of sexuality, at personal and societal levels.”

D-Light Studios, owned by photographer Agata Stoinska, partnered with The Betrayal in the early stages of production. Some of the film’s key scenes were shot there in February. Stace Gill, D-Light Studios manager said:

“Here at D-Light Studios we have a very unique space, we have built a creative hub in a beautiful old woollen mill/warehouse and we want to share it. Our primary function is as a film/photography location and our aim is to welcome as many creative projects to the space as possible. We are very happy to work with the amazing crew of women behind “The Betrayal”. A project that creatively addresses the ever evolving social attitudes and issues concerning gender equality, fluidity and freedom is an easy partnership for us to make.”

“The endorsement of both our partners means a lot to us”, says Kamila Dydyna, the writer and co-director of The Betrayal. “There are many ways to help independent film, and it’s a huge recognition for me as a filmmaker to feel supported by people who have shown their commitment to the Arts.”

The Betrayal, featured recently in EILE Magazine, and,is in post-production, and is slated for release on the Irish and international festival circuit in the early summer 2016. It’s Kamila Dydyna’s second film after the award-winning Testimony.

The Betrayal, a thriller/drama, was produced by Kamila Dydyna & Driftwood Doll Films (Eilis Abbott & Michael O’Dwyer) and directed by Natasha Waugh & Kamila Dydyna. Written by Kamila Dydyna. Director of Photography: Gosia Zur. It stars Miriam Devitt, Mark McAuley, Kamila Dydyna, Hilary Bowen-Walsh.

Sound Design: Nikki Moss.Executive Producer: Will Carter.

The film 30-minute film tells the story of Mark & Nel, whose marriage is on the rocks. As Nel starts questioning her feelings for her best friend Alice, Mark’s own issues unravel, changing all of their lives forever.

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