Australia: Call for marriage equality supporters to work together

Australian_Senate_-_Parliament_of_AustraliaIn Australia, advocates have called on supporters of marriage equality across all parties to work together to ensure legislation passes parliament in the wake of debate on the issue in the Senate yesterday.

“It is no longer enough for politicians simply to support marriage equality, they must be prepared to vote for it and they must work together to move it forward” said Rodney Croome, national director of Australian Marriage Equality.

A clear majority of senators have publicly declared their support for the reform but Government senators do not have a free vote, and the Labor and Green parties, and cross-bench senators, have disagreed this week about when and how the issue is best dealt with.

“We call on the Government to allow a free vote and for supporters across all parties to put party politics aside and work together” said Croome.

Debate on a Greens’ marriage equality bill occurred yesterday morning, despite the Government continuing to refuse a free vote, and after a week of disagreement between Labor, Green and cross-bench senators about when and how debate should occur.

41 senators have publicly supported marriage equality. The Australian Senate has 76 members, with 39 making a majority.

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