Many Transgender Singers, Musicians and Composers Performing Around The World

micsThere are many prominent transgender singers, composers, and musicians around the world. They are active across the spectrum of musical genres: classical, pop, country, folk, jazz, rock, hip hop, and more. Some have won prominent awards in the profession, including the UK’s Mercury Prize, the Grammy Award, theatre’s Tony Award, and the International Chopin Piano Competition, according to

Many of the contemporary musicians have relayed their experience of living as a transgender individual, or their transitioning from one sex to another, in their music and their performances (though certainly not exclusively). Some of their songs reflect trans activism and opposition to transphobia and homophobia. For others, being transgender is not necessarily reflected in their music at all.

We have identified transgender musicians from Spain, Angola, Turkey, Austria, Great Britain, Germany, Israel, the United States, South Korea, Canada, Vietnam, and Australia, like:

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