IDGTF 2016 Celebrates Heros and History Makers ‏


IDGTF (International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival) Are Celebrating Heros and History Makers! They Hope You Can Join Them

The 13th International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival Programme is out now.
Be part of IDGTF 2016 and celebrate LGBT identity and history in a packed programme of drama, music, comedy, free events, seminars and more from May 1st to 15th.

And in 2016, there is a lot to celebrate…
    • The 1916 Centenary in a programme highlighting the roles played by LGBT people the Rising.
    • The 2015 Marriage Equality Referendum and its aftermath.
    • Heroes and heroines from our past – from Oscar Wilde to Padraig Pearse and Alan Turing, from Helen of Troy to Elizabeth O’Farrell.
    • Who we are now – love, sex, relationships, marriage, LGBT people in sport and more.
    • Powerful works of artists from Russia and Iran, of trans artists and others who will not be silenced for who they are.
    • New writing by talented female writers and directors in the ‘Feminists Awake’ programme.
    • New writing, outstanding performances, production and diversity at the Gala.
Boxers, revolutionaries, footballers, pole-dancers, geniuses, history-makers, migrants, playwrights, nuns and hedonists are all part of IDGTF 2016.
From ancient Greece to modern Russia and Iran, from the steps of the GPO to the referendum count centres, from Reading Gaol to the modern London cruising scene their stories are all part of IDGTF 2016.
Are you?
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2016 Programme Preview

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