American Bear Comic Muscles His Way into Europe!

Muscle Bear Comic, Peter Bisuito

Muscle Bear Comic, Peter Bisuito

As seen on Oprah, internationally known gay muscle bear comedian, Peter Bisuito, is bringing his hilarious sense of humour to Europe, with a series of dates in the UK, Ireland and The Netherlands.

The tour starts at Manchester’s Great British Bear Bash on 29th April. He then goes onto Eden Bar in Birmingham (30th April), Eagle London (2nd May), the Betty Asfalt Complex in Amsterdam 6th May) and then finishing the tour at the *Voodoo Lounge in Dublin (7th May).

Peter Bisuito (also known as My Big Funny Peter) is making quite a splash all over the world! He’s been a performer for over 25 years but decided only four years ago to pursue his love of entertainment as a full-time career.

Since then, Peter’s resume is even more impressive than many seasoned comedians. He travels all over the USA and has performed on many cruise ships. He has opened for such huge names as Bianca Del Rio, Del Shores & Erasure’s lead singer, Andy Bell.

Peter is not a “comedy club” performer. He considers himself a “theatrical entertainer”, due to his 3-decade history of musical & comedy theatre. He regularly sells out large theatres in America, but since Peter has never performed in Europe, he’s keeping his audiences small and intimate!

Peter also uses his humor and comedy for the good of the community, having raised thousands of dollars through laughter and tears with reputable charities, including cancer research, HIV/AIDS, animal shelters, children programs and much more.

Peter is also the writer, producer and director of his very own YouTube Webseries called “EXPOSING PETER”.

Brace yourselves, this muscle bear wants to tease your funny bone!

*Brought to Ireland by Dublin Bears as special guest at their Big Bear Birthday Bash, with DJ El Styra, the Party for Bears and men who like them.

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