Film Review & Trailer: Angry Birds

Screenshot 2016-05-13 00.21.48Longtime fan of the game, Angry Birds, Frances Winston enjoyed this animated film version, which both yourselves and the kids can giggle at!

Directed by: Fergal Reilly and Clay Kaytis – Starring the voices of: Jason Sudeikis, Josh Gad, Peter Dinklage, Danny McBride, May Rudolph

Back at the beginning of the decade I whiled away far too many hours playing Angry Birds. This highly addictive computer game became somewhat of an obsession for me and many of my friends (and don’t even get me started on Plants vs Zombies!) and if you caught us looking at our phones, we were more than likely playing that than checking messages.

As much as I enjoyed those hours though (I know, I know I could have used my time more productively but what are ya’ gonna do!) I would never have envisaged the game as a film. I mean it’s a pretty simple premise. You fire flightless birds across the screen on a slingshot to help them reach the piggies’ lair (if you’ve never played, that probably doesn’t make much sense, but trust me it’s compelling!) Although there are a series of ‘toons’, a full-blown feature is a whole different matter. However, they have somehow managed to pull it off – and it’s not half bad!

Sudeikis voices Red, a loner and misunderstood bird with anger issues, who becomes the hero of the hour encouraging the other birds to get angry when their eggs are stolen by invading green pigs. Leading his feathered flock across the sea, they find the pigs’ castle, and utilise slingshots to fly in and invade it.

Yes, it’s a simple story, but then again the game was simple too (except for that one level I got stuck on for AGES!) What makes this great fun is the fact that the jokes work on so many levels. While the kids are laughing at one seemingly innocent quip, the adults are reading a whole different meaning into it. The pace is frenetic, and the animation is spot on. Fans will not be disappointed at how their favourite characters have been brought to life. The soundtrack is also fantastic, from the opening strains of Black Sabbath’s Paranoid, to the closing track – Demi Lovato’s cover of I Will Survive.

This is not the most intellectual, thought-provoking movie you will ever see. Indeed, it is not the most intellectual, thought-provoking animation you will ever see. But if you loved the game, and you want to switch off and have a giggle for a couple of hours, you could do worse than this. Oh, and the kids will love it too!

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