Magicians and Illusionists Who Are Part of the LGBT+ Community


Siegfried Fischbacher, part of the Siegfried & Roy magical duo

The LGBTQ community love mystery and intrigue, so magic acts would usually be very attractive to them, since the performance, and performer, often exude an air of sexuality and mysticism. So it is no surprise that some of the world’s top magicians and illusionists are part of the LGBTQ community, like for instance, UK magician, Derren Brown, or the magical duo, German-born Siegfried & Roy.

Siegfried explains that when he was eight years old, he passed a bookstore:

“My eye caught something in the window; it was a book on magic. I knew I had to have it. I can’t explain, even now, why that was. All that stood in the way was five marks—for me a fortune, a fortune for any little boy in Germany in 1947.”

Siegfried and Roy are probably the most well-known members of this group around the world. They combined wild animal acts with magic, and performed their Las Vegas act for years until tragedy struck in 2003, when Roy was injured by a tiger.

LGBTQ magicians have also won awards, such as Magician of the Year, or are featured in international televised performances. Several notable film and television sitcom actors began their careers as magicians, and continue to perform today.

The transgender community are also well represented in the profession, like for instance, Fay Presto.  Coincidentally, each of these magicians hail from Great Britain.

Queerbio have identified LGBTQ magicians and illusionists from Canada, Germany, Australia, the Netherlands, the United States, and Great Britain.

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