The Importance of LGBTQ Authors – Children And Teen Books

booksChildren and teens who identify as LGBTQ need authors who understand what they are going through, and these authors play an important role in the community. Although the subject matter of their books may not always deal directly with the issues of a child’s sexuality, they often introduce concepts of respect, diversity and tolerance into their works, according to Queerbio.

Introducing such issues at an early stage in the development of a child’s outlook and behaviour has been shown to greatly influence them later in life.

Who doesn’t recall being immersed in books of travel, adventure, learning, and wonder as a child? It has often been said that books do not create identities, but they certainly can affirm them. It is known that youth are drawn to books about themselves and that reflect the life they live and want to live.

Many books by these authors, such as Shaun Dellenty, Great Britain, Nancy Garden, United States, and transgender author Sarah Lennox, also have LGBTQ characters and relationships with age appropriate stories, respectful characters and quality content. The genres range from pop-up books to comics, to teen novels. Often, the stories explore the experiences of the authors in their own childhood.

Many LGBTQ authors of children and teen books are famous in their home countries, and often around the world. They have appeared in the New York Times Bestseller List, have received Emmy awards for their work, have been appointed to prestigious literary boards, and have received national honours.

Some have used their writing talents and fame to advance causes in the LGBTQ community and have become noted activists, while others are teachers or academics at higher education institutions.

Queerbio has identified many LGBTQ children and teen authors from Brazil, Russia, Finland, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, Sweden, Jamaica, the United States, and Mexico.

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