Galway Pride Festival Fundraisers!

GPF logo 5The Gaymazing Race,  a Galway Pride Festival fundraiser, took place on Sunday 3rd July and was a great success! 

Teams set off from Fr. Burke Park and trekked nearly 12km around Galway city centre gathering the information needed to answer the clues they’d been given. 

Along the way they met with two “Road Blocks” which saw the teams have to stop and complete a task before they could continue.  Task one wasn’t so difficult, “Get five selfies with strangers!” but task two, further along the race route, saw the teams have to busk outside Lynchs Castle.  With some teams dancing and others juggling for cash they entertained the public and completed their task then made the mad dash back to Fr. Burke Park to be declared the winners.  An after-race party took place in Nova, a Galway Pride Gold Partner, where the winners were announced and prizes given and the celebrations continued. 

With this and the hugely successful interactive screening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show that took place on Wednesday 29th June, the Galway Pride Festival committee have shown they’ve got what it takes to make this years event truly one of a kind!

The next Pride fundraiser is the Newlyweds Game which takes place on Thursday 21st July.  Co-hosted by Jay Molyneux of the Jay Molyneux Dance Company and local drag queen Dixie, winner of last years “In Your Face Drag Race”, the game will see couples fight it out through a series of questions to try and be crowned the winners.  The night guarantees to be exciting and entertaining.  For details and more information see the Galway Pride Festival Facebook page at


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