Pandelindio & Bird People + Special Guests Live at Stephens Green


Poster image by Carla Barth

Little gem records presents Pandelindio & Bird People + Special Guests
Live at the St Stephens Green Bandstand
Saturday August 20 at 2pm

Pandelindio is a project of acoustic experimental music from Argentina founded by Federico Fossati in 2011.

Its line­up is itinerant; the recordings were made in collaboration with musicians from diverse genres like folk, experimental noise and free improvisation.

The band plays instruments from India (shruti­box / tambura / dilruba / Bansuri), Australian Aboriginal (didgeridoo), Toba tribe (n’vike) among others. And the drone is used as a basis to expand the melodic composition.

Pandelindio has played in museums (MAR, Contemporary Art Museum, Mar del Plata), Festivals (Festival de la Purificancion / Drone Celebration), Art Exhibitions ( Paula Duró /Alejandro Sordi), Les Inrokuptibles Magazine Music Contest and several gigs in the Buenos Aires underground scene.

Bird People are a drone band formed in 2010 by Ulrich Rois. Solo and with a host of collaborators, Rois has since explored various forms of extended tone music, often influenced by drone­-based folk music, Hindustani music, and early minimalism.

Bird People have toured extensively throughout Europe, and have shared the stage with MV+EE, Sylvester Anfang II, Hellvete, Head of Wantastiquet, Rhyton, Rhys Chatham, Cameron Deas and Datashock among many others.

Recently Bird People have performed in a shifting band line­up, focusing on predominantly acoustic free drone music. Instruments used include banjo, mountain dulcimer, fiddle, acoustic guitars, gongs, singing bowls, sitar, sruti box, esraj, etc.

This is a free all ages event.
Bring along a picnic blanket & some good vibes.
Please respect St Stephens Green park and your fellow humans, animals and other creatures ♥

St Stephens Green Bandstand, Dublin 2

Saturday August 20 from 2pm – 6pm

For more information, visit:

Facebook event page

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