Bear World Magazine’s First Summer Fashion Week Celebrates Fashion for The Bigger Man

BWM Fashion Week 6

Photo: inkedKenny

Bear World Magazine, the magazine for the gay bear community, is celebrating the success of its first ever Summer Fashion Week, which focused on fashion for the bigger man.

The week featured a photo shoot in New York City using plus-sized models, and featuring brands which tailor specifically for the larger man.  Quality, comfort and confidence were the week’s keywords for the week.

Fashion has long frozen out people in larger sizes, leaving them to hunt around cheaper stores for ill-fitting clothes. It has been a long-held belief that the average consumer finds big people unattractive. Therefore, they believe that people will see their clothes as unattractive if displayed on a larger person.

BWM Fashion Week 3

Photo by inkedKenny

Thankfully, the tide seems to be turning with the introduction of more average-sized models. New York Fashion Week 2015 saw women with real curves work the runway, and then in late 2015, Zach Miko became the first plus-sized male model for Target.

Bear World Magazine is a magazine aimed at a gay community called ‘bears’. Bears are typically larger guys with beards. They wanted to celebrate all that is sexy and healthy about a fuller figure, and for too long their readers have been those people forced to buy ill-fitting clothes online.

They wanted to be at the forefront of plus-sized male fashion, so they grouped together a number of brands that tailor specifically for larger men, some sexy chunky male models, and held their own fashion shoot in The Paul Hotel, New York City!

Clothing brands featured in the shoot included BearSkn underwear, and The3Bears tanks and tees – two companies whose sole aim is to give bigger men great clothes and improve their self-confidence. Photos were taken by the legendary inkedKenny, who has made a name for himself shooting plus-sized guys.

The shoot formed part of their Summer Fashion Week, where they featured numerous brands of clothes, accessories and personal care items.

Bear World Magazine Editor, Robin Gray, said:

“For too long larger guys have had to endure the discomfort of poorly fitting clothes in order to look good. Well, we hope that our readers will enjoy the products we featured and be happy looking fashionable while feeling comfortable in clothes made for guys of their size. We all know that when our clothes fit and look good, we feel better in ourselves.”

The Fashion Week has been so well received that Bear World Magazine is already planning a future Fall Fashion Weekend, followed by a Spring Fashion Week 2017, so we can expect even more brands to be featured encouraging all men to feel happy and confident in their look.

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