Irish LGBT Shorts Collection Today at GAZE Film Festival

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The Betrayal

If you’re free from 6.30pm this evening (Sunday 31st July) you might drop in on this year’s GAZE Irish Shorts selection, at the Light House Cinema, Dublin. The Irish Collection (76 minutes total) touches on an array of thematic content, such as the youthful naivety of a first crush (Little Dolls), how an Irish traveller deals with his son’s femininity (Breathe)  and domestic violence with changing emotions between best friends (The Betrayal).

A synopsis of each of the shorts is below, with times ranging from 5 minutes to 26 minutes:

Breathe is the story of a hardy Irish Traveller who becomes increasingly concerned with his nine-year-old son’s femininity and sets about toughening him up.

In Little Doll, two girls face the confusion and uncertainty of developing a same-sex first crush.

Snowfall is a story of fleeting love, mixed emotions and the social interactions of an anxious young man who has a moving experience at a friend’s house party.

In Between Us, a son and his traditional Irish father struggle to find common ground after the son starts questioning his gender identity in rural Ireland.

More than God is a screwball comedy that deals with family, obligation and the rigidity of religion.

In The Betrayal, a woman in a violent marriage begins to question her burgeoning feelings for her best friend.


James Doherty

14 minutes


Little Doll

Kate Dolan

12 minutes



Conor Whelan

5 minutes


Between Us

Daithí Ó Cinnéide

10 minutes


More than God

Kev Cahill

9 minutes


The Betrayal

Kamila Dydyna and Natasha Waugh

26 minutes

The full schedule of all films for today and tomorrow is below:

Sunday 31st July Time Screen Subtitles Run Time
Queerment Québec Shorts 2:30pm 1 62 mins
GAZE on the Fringe – Shorts + Panel 2:30pm 2 90 mins
Real Boy 4:30pm 1 72 mins
Secret Screening 4:30pm 2 66 mins
Irish Shorts Programme 6:30pm 1 76 mins
Closet Monster 6:30pm 2 90 mins
Upstairs Inferno 6:30pm 1 96 mins
Southwest of Salem 8:30pm 2 91 mins
Monday 1st August Time Screen Subtitles Run Time
Trans Shorts 1:30pm 1 78 mins
Film Qlub: Young Man With a Horn 1:30pm 2 112 mins
Women’s Shorts 3:30pm 1 66 mins
Burroughs 3:30pm 2 86 mins
Heartbeats 5:30pm 1 Subtitled 102 mins
How to Win at Checkers 5:30pm 2 Subtitled 80 mins
Closing GALA 7:00pm Hub
Closing Film 8:00pm 1 127 mins


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