London’s West End: ‘Exposure The Musical’

Exposure is a new musical now playing in London’s West End, that ‘will capture your heart, and just maybe your soul’, although it has divided critics into lovers or haters of the show. For example, the Telegraph’s critic said it was a soulless take on Faustus that was ‘diabolically bad’, whilst at the same time praising the performances of the cast. On the other hand, ShowsInLondon have said it is “The best new show in the West End this Summer”.

The story is another take on the Faustian theme of ‘selling your soul to the devil’ when young photographer Jimmy Tucker, already a top photographer, faces the age-old dilemma of choosing between his principles and making large amounts of money. This dilemma arises when a stranger commissions him to photograph the seven deadly sins alive and kicking in today’s London.

“But in a break-neck race through the night, a series of extraordinary encounters involving girlfriends, family history, and the intoxicating cult of celebrity begin to reveal that there’s a whole lot more at stake than just money”.

With a contemporary score, some iconic photographs, and a cast that have put their hearts and souls into the performance, Exposure is an original new musical that may be dividing opinion, but is never dull.

Now playing at St James Theatre, 12 Palace Street,
London, SW1E 5JA, until August 27th

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