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Screenshot 2016-08-11 01.38.31In our monthly edition of EILE Magazine for August, we have a great packed issue, with music from Beautiful Machines, Heiress to Atlas, J GRGRY and Aaron Paul. We have fashion with Mark Anthony, and Bear World Magazine‘s first Fashion Week for bigger men, while Lisa Reynolds reviews Malcolm McLaren.  We also feature a new theatre project from Northern Ireland called Thinking about Thoughts, where you can choose which actor to listen in on, and some news on the upcoming Galway Pride Festival. Brian Rochford tells us what to do with our old bones, and our Travel section features Cancun and Las Vegas. California Dispatch looks at the US presidential election campaigns, and Frances Winston reviews some great films for us. We also have information on Girlie Circuit, Arosa Ski Week, Gem Fest and Elements NY.  All this and much more goes into EILE Magazine for August, and we hope you like it. Enjoy!

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The new LGBT magazine; available online, for download and on podcast. It's time for another view.
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