NI Theatre: Thinking about Thoughts (Lisburn and Belfast 18, 22,23 Aug)


Threes Theatre Company Presents

Thinking about Thoughts

18, 22, 23 August 2016

What does it sound like inside your head? What does it sound like inside someone else’s? Why is it so loud at this silent retreat? With multi-channel headphone technology, listen to the inner dialogues of three monkey-minds looking for some peace and quiet.

With the opportunity to change who you are listening to throughout the show, you dictate the journey you take, creating your own audio experience. Watch as they stretch their bodies, listen as they challenge their minds to be still. Unfiltered thoughts, the random, confused, emotional and bemused… Is it possible to change the patterns of the mind?

Thinking about Thoughts was written by Jordan Hanna and Brian Diamond, and there are lots of other very creative people associated with this production including:

Anna Leckey – Producer / Actor / Writer / Voice Over Artist
Ed Richards – Collaborator / Actor
Mathieu Lovelace – Collaborator / Actor
Boyd RodgersVoice Over Artist
David Paulin – Voice Over Artist
Jay Birbeck – Technical Designer
Emily Foran
Sarah Gordon 
Katie Lynn
thinking about thoughtsorigNI theatre group, The Threes Theatre Company, is a new local theatre company, founded by Anna Leckey, a recent graduate from London South Bank University and a yoga teacher, now living back at home in Drumbeg.

Working with people they have met on their journey through life so far, this company collaborates to create, striving to produce thought-provoking work, always challenging the minds of the audience, giving them new experiences of what it is to ‘go to the theatre’.

This production has enlisted the help of local writers, actors, voice artists and creators, as well as several theatre-makers that Anna met during her time at university.


The Premiere is on Thursday, 18th August 2016, 8pm,  at

Lisburn Island Arts Centre Studio Space

Tickets are available at:

and then on Monday and Tuesday, 22nd and 23rd August 2016, 8pm at

Black Box Theatre, Belfast

Tickets are available at: and

the Theatre Company Website:


The Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council are funding this unique theatre venture.


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