Ecoutez-les: Four French trans people on law proposal for legal gender recognition


In France, in 2016, to get one’s gender marker and first name changed, a trans person needs to go to court, and often comply with abusive requirements: psychiatric diagnosis, forced sterilization, medical treatments, etc.

On 20th September, ILGA Europe launched a video on legal gender recognition, and about the vote on the law on Justice in the 21st century in the Senate Laws Committee. In the video, in French, four trans people explain why the law will have a great impact on their daily lives.

The Law on Justice in the 21st century, voted on by the National Assembly before the summer, partially improved the current process by endorsing the principle of de-medicalization.

However, trans people would still need to go to court and the procedure would not be accessible to minors.

The Senate Laws Committee voted on 21st September. The vote in plenary takes place at the end of the month.

The video aims to:

  • Give a voice to the people primarily concerned ˗ trans people themselves, on how they see the current legal gender recognition procedure.
  • Explain what it means in the daily lives of trans people, to not having papers that match their gender.

For video in French, go to:

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