Little Gem Records: Tenro – One

tenro-oneLittle gem records are proud to present One by Tenro.

The debut release from the duo of Marc Aubele (Nanu Nanu, Pigg, Bell X1) and Brian Conniffe (Nurse With Wound, Patrick Kelleher’s Cold Dead Hands, Catscars), Tenro present 90 minutes of intense and electrifying music.

Combining the attitude of original industrial music with elements from the more complex forms of techno and dub, this unconventional work is underpinned by colourful, blackly humorous, surreal and dense layers of concept.

From the narcotic and erotic opening track ‘Content’, through to the rapturous and dizzying climax of ‘Discontinued Product’, Tenro present a journey through an alien landscape of opulent pulsating modular electronics, meticulously crafted layered textures, and thrillingly addictive rhythms.

The feverish rush and tightly controlled chaos of ‘Broken Window’ evokes both Amon Tobin and Sun Ra, while the kinetic and frenetic state-of-the-nation polemic of ‘Invalid Fades’ and the mischievous and menacing ‘Goodbye Judy’ remain impossible to categorise. Striking and irresistible contrasts to this sound are to be found in the stunningly beautiful hallucinogenic ambience of ‘Cubensis’ and the gloriously misshapen pop song ‘Vimana’, darkly luminous pieces which recall Coil and Burial at their most vibrant.

This remains – above all – an original and diverse work, and for the adventurous and open-minded listener, an immensely rewarding one.

The album is released on cassette / download / little gem player.


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