Film Review & Trailer: Mattress Men


Frances Winston feels this has some funny and heart-warming moments, she also wonders if it warrants being a feature-length documentary

Directed by: Colm Quinn – Starring: Mattress Mick, Paul Kelly

Even if you’ve never bought a mattress from him, chances are you are aware of Mattress Mick – the colourful salesman who takes a novel approach to marketing his wares. He first came to prominence when whacky videos of him promoting his mattresses surfaced on YouTube.

Most recently, he was behind the annoyingly catchy Back With a Bang rap, which was accompanied by a suitably over the top video, and garnered him a massive number of social media hits.

Mick (or Michael Flynn as he is known in the real world) started making these videos on the advice of his friend, Paul Kelly. Paul dabbled in filmmaking, but at the time was living more or less on benefits, and was desperate to get him and his family out of the inner city flat they lived in.

This film follows their journey, as Mick’s profile rises due to the publicity, right through to the release of Back With a Bang, which Paul hopes will finally persuade Mick to give him a contract, and allow him to sign off social welfare.

Much of the movie is made up of the video shoot for the song, which sees Mick wear a variety of outlandish costumes as he mimes along to the song, while Paul locks horns with pretty much everybody. In between this, we see Paul trying to deal with his creditors, and look after his family, and Mick questioning the wisdom of releasing something so radical to promote his brand.

If you’ve seen Mick in interviews or online, you pretty much know what to expect from him. He is exactly what he says on the tin. Kelly however comes across as rather unlikeable. Not to introduce spoilers, but he bites the hand that feeds him, and seems to blame everyone else for his problems and situations, rather than laying the blame at his own doorstep.

This is pretty much a long behind the scenes of a video shoot. It has some funny and heartwarming moments, but the supporting players – Mick’s other staff and the people on the shoot – aren’t strong enough characters to entertain. Kelly’s story gets rather tedious, and at the end it is Mick and his larger than life personality holding this together.

Unfortunately, you have probably already seen most of the stuff featured, from the coverage of the tweet Stephen Fry sent about Mattress Mick to the Late Late Show appearance. Pretty much all of this ground has been covered, and Back With a Bang has been out for some time now.

While this is an interesting insight into how one man saved his business and became a celebrity in the process, it never feels like it should be a feature-length documentary, and rather that it would make an interesting half-hour Reality Bites insert on RTÉ or something similar.

Although it seems an appropriate addition to the Mattress Mick library, it’s not the most gripping piece, and won’t have enough human interest elements to hold everybody’s interest. If you are just curious as to how people manage to go viral online, or what actually goes on behind the scenes of a video shoot though, you’ll enjoy this.

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