Women’s Aid Northern Ireland: Alicia Perry – New Community Ambassador

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Alicia Perry New NI Women’s Aid Community Ambassador

Women’s Aid Northern Ireland has announced that Alicia Perry has become a Community Ambassador, and will work with the charity to help raise awareness about domestic and sexual violence.

The role will help Women’s Aid NI get their message out there. Community Ambassadors will play a key role in helping the charity to increase awareness and understanding of its work with the general public. They will ‘tell the women’s aid story’ in their local community, delivering talks to local groups and organisations, talking about their experiences, and acting as points of contact for anyone affected by domestic or sexual violence.

The role to be developed across NI will help increase opportunities to learn about domestic and sexual violence, and will also help survivors to get help.

Women’s Aid advocates for better and earlier identification of victims, and proper signposting to support. This role will help reach survivors and their families and will become part of a wider scheme designed to increase awareness of domestic and sexual violence across NI.

Alicia will be available to speak at events, workshops and seminars, and is currently working with Women’s Aid to highlight the issues of coercive control, and the need for legislation to better protect victims.

Alicia has been campaigning on the issues of domestic violence, in honour of her friend, and has held meetings with the new Northern Ireland Justice Minister, Claire Sugden, in an effort to ‘start the ball rolling’.  She has also met with MLAs from a number parties, and presented at Stormont. After her meeting with the Justice Minister NI, Alicia said:

“I am so encouraged that Minister Sugden cares so passionately about domestic violence and abuse, and that domestic violence is her key priority for her and her department. The meeting was productive, emotional at times but very worthwhile and I’m fully confident that Claire will deliver on this key priority and make Donna’s Law a reality.”

Alicia has also submitted a comprehensive report on the need for Donna’s Law to the Justice Committee NI, which she is due to meet on October 27th, 2016. She has also been instrumental in getting a motion on domestic and sexual violence at the NI Assembly, on Monday 17th October 2016.

For further details, you can contact Alicia at aliciaperry@hotmail.co.uk.

You can also contact the Women’s Aid NI office at 028 90 249041, or


  or email info@womensaidni.org

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