LGBTQ Rights Lawyers Who Serve The Community

ny_state_supreme_courtbQueerbio has compiled a list of a dedicated group of LGBTQ attorneys who are, or have been, on the front lines of advancing and protecting the minority rights of their clients ,or the LGBTQ community as a whole. They take on specific cases which challenge the absence of protective laws, the interpretation of existing legislation, or the application of law. Their specific areas of expertise can include issues which LGBTQ people may face in their daily lives, such as employment, housing, or other discrimination; immigration; marriage equality; AIDS/HIV, transgender, or other healthcare issues; family law; and criminal law.  

While some individuals work in just one of these content areas, others may specialize in some or all of them.

They go on to work, or have obtained their experience working, in public service organizations, or community interest groups, that deal with a specific area of law. The individuals noted here have either made their mark as individual lawyers practising on behalf of clients, or continue to do so.

For example, Peter Ashman, from Ireland, who died in 2014, played an important role in a landmark case in the late 1970s (the case of Jeff Dudgeon) that decriminalised homosexuality in Northern Ireland. Also Shannon Mintner, transgender from the US, who was lead counsel for same-sex couples in the landmark California marriage equality case.

Queerbio has identified many other LGBTQ lawyers, representing the community’s legal challenges, from China, India, Canada, Finland, Great Britain, Sweden, South Africa, the United States, Sri Lanka, Botswana, Ireland, Mexico, Jamaica, and France.

To read the fascinating biographies of these lawyers from around the world,  CLICK HERE

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