Casting Call For Transwoman Lead In Short Film

starsAre you transwoman and would like to star in a short film?

Karen Healy, from Pondering Media, is working on a short film in Dublin, called Tuesday Night, a comedy about trans representation in media (and local planning permission controversies). They are casting the part of Lynne, a transwoman lead part in the film.

It’s really important to them that they cast a member of the trans community in the lead role, which may be a first for film in Ireland.

The shoot will be over two days, possibly December 10 and 11, for which you will be paid, and you would need to be available once for rehearsal during the previous week. Food and drink will be provided throughout the shoot.

Casting for a trans role is a slow process, since it’s a smaller population to draw from, so they also wanted anyone in LGBT film, theatre, and arts projects to recommend someone to come to the casting, if possible, or you could help by doing a social media call out.

Below is the link to the casting call:

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