Watch & Listen: J GRGRY – Cave Birds

For our Monday Music slot this week, we feature an electro/darkpop artist/band, J GRGRY whom we’ve featured before on EILE Magazine, with their latest track, Cave Birds.

Joe Gregory is J GRGRY, a recording and performing artist, who has finally realised one of his ambitions, perfecting soaring electro-pop music, with a fresh and original sound.

When he signed his first recording contract at 17 years old, Gregory was a member of Dolour, an indie-pop act that had its roots in Seattle’s post-grunge heyday. Still a teenager, solo ambitions took him to Sacramento, CA, where he ran an underground venue, and found an ally in Jonathan Davis of Korn.

In South Seattle, Gregory met up with an old friend, Robert Cheek, who played guitar during Gregory’s showcasing days and, more recently, had engineered albums by Band of Horses, Deftones, and dozens of other great artists. As it turned out they lived a few houses from each other. Brothers in arms, they were glad to reunite, and became part of J GRGRY.

Cave Birds was written by: Joe Gregory, Robert Cheek, Ryan Leyva, produced by: J GRGRY, and mixed by: Robert Cheek. Release Date: November 4th, 2016

J GRGRY is: Ryan Leyva, Robert Cheek, Steven Barci, Joe Gregory

You can download ‘Prosthetic Fittings’ (feat. “Cave Birds”) For Free via NoiseTrade:

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