Openly Gay LGBT Activist Intends To Run In Nigerian Elections


Bisi Alimi – Image: 23news

An openly gay activist, Bisi Alimi, says he intends to put himself forward for Nigeria’s elections in 2019, and has received death threaths since saying so.

Tweeting on November 19th last that he was going to “throw his hat” into the political ring, he said:

“After much thinking for over 2yrs, I have decided to throw my hat into Nigeria politics. In what capacity? Will declare later”.

He also tweeted:

“…the change I want to see is about challenging the status quo and making people believe there is alternative”

Alimi is living in the UK, as he says he was persecuted in Nigeria for being homosexual.

No stranger to campaigning, he has campaigned against Nigeria’s anti-gay laws in the UK, and asked UK officials to tackle the Nigerian legislators about their homophobic laws. Part of this legislation, brought in in 2014, means that gay men are not allowed to hold meetings or associate with each other, or organise. Doing so carries a possible prison sentence of 14 years.

Since declaring his intention to enter Nigerian politics however, he has received threats, including death threats. Nigerian Newspapers Today reported that the threats have included Alimi and his ‘gay companions’.











By Taliesin Cormach – QL SA

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