World Aids Day – Nick Randell’s Interview With Author of ‘HIV Happy’

Today, on World Aids Day, we’d like to bring you something that may help those who are worried about, or suffering from, HIV.

Last year, on World Aids Day, Nick Randell, producer of SNS Online, and one of EILE‘s contributors, asked:

World AIDS Day 2015, and more people than ever are living with *HIV in the UK alone – with over 36.9 million worldwide. And although combination drug therapies mean that (for many people) HIV is no longer a death sentence, how are these people coping day-to-day with the condition? Most importantly, can they be both HIV and happy?”

Although this is an audio piece from Nick’s show, ScratchNSniff (SNS Online) from last year’s SNS World Aids Day 2015 interview with Paul Thorn, author of HIV Happy, Nick tells EILE that it’s just as relevant today, and we’re inclined to agree!

Nick recorded the interview last year, where he speaks to Paul Thorn, former GT (Gay Times) columnist, presenter of The HIV Happy Hour on Radio Reverb 97.2fm, and author of HIV Happy. Long-term HIV survivor Paul wrote HIV Happy to guide readers through a process of self-examination, and show how they can change their thinking and happily co-exist with the virus.

There is another short but relevant interview about HIV, recorded by Nick a while back, and put up on SNS Online. Here he interviews Catherine Murphy, Head of Public Affairs from the Terrance Higgins Trust, to discuss the work the Trust are doing to promote awareness of safe sex in the LBGT community and beyond. This interview contains some good information for people who may be worried about HIV. Have a safe and happy World Aids Day!

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