Australia: Senate Opens Marriage Equality Inquiry To Public Submissions

australiameqLast week the Australian Senate established an inquiry into marriage equality legislation — and have now confirmed they have opened the inquiry to public submissions.

This inquiry gives Australians the opportunity to make sure politicians hear their community’s views, and a chance to encourage them to work together to get the legislation right, and achieve marriage equality in this term of parliament.

Senators will examine a draft Marriage Equality Bill, which the government has produced. While it is historic that they have the first marriage equality bill produced by an Australian government, it does need some improvements.
Specifically, they need to ensure the parliament does not wind back any existing anti-discrimination protections, and does not create unwanted and unnecessary exemptions.
The Equality Campaign in Australia want to make sure as many Australians as possible share their views with this inquiry. To make it easy for the public, they have consulted with legal experts, and created a page explaining how members of the public can make their own submissions.
Submissions will close in a couple of weeks, so all Australians are asked to make sure they share their support for marriage equality, and their thoughts on the government’s bill.
The public can access the submission guide and form at:


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