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Frances Winston reviews this animation based on talent shows like the X Factor, and feels you could do worse than to bring the Little Ones to Sing, as it is really good fun!

Directed by: Garth Jennings – Starring the voices of: Matthew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon, Seth MacFarlane, Scarlett Johansson, John C. Reilly, Taron Egerton, Tori Kelly

Do you like TV talent contests such as The X Factor and The Voice? If you answered yes, then you are probably all kinds of excited for this movie. However, if you answered no, then you may want to give Sing a wide berth, as it doesn’t just borrow heavily from them, it pretty much follows the entire formula, with a tentative story woven through it.

Of course, since Sing is a family-friendly movie, that you will probably have to bring your LOs to, a wide berth mightn’t be possible, so let me assure you that it’s not unbearable for grown-ups, even if it is lacking the nuances and layering that give mass appeal to some other animated offerings.

The story revolves around a talent show, organised by the cocky Koala Bear, Buster Moon (McConaughey) who decides that a singing contest will be the perfect way to save his struggling theatre.

In one of those whacky mix-ups that only happens in movies, his secretary accidentally lists the prize money as $100,000, instead of $1,000. Naturally, the promise of such riches brings all manner of animals out of the woodwork to audition, and here’s where it comes over all TV talent show.

We get the sob stories, we get the coulda beens, the shoulda beens, and the wannabes, and we get a variety of performances of varying quality. Just like the TV talent shows, these are whittled down to a select few to participate, and basically – much like the TV talent shows – the movie follows them on their journey, while Buster tries to raise the cash for the inadvertently promised prize fund.

As with any story like this, you will find that Sing is somewhat unoriginal. After all, turn on the TV at any time of the day, and you can find one of these talent shows running somewhere. However, Jennings has embraced this fact, and aims for the ‘fun factor’.

Sing is helped by the fact that the soundtrack contains some of the best known songs of recent years – over 60 of them in fact – from artists such as Carley Rae Jepsen, Elton John, and Leonard Cohen, which will have you singing along (or at the very least tapping your feet!). Having a super-famous voice cast also helps, as you find yourself listening out to see just what kind of vocal chops this most famous of glee clubs possess.

There is nothing new here in terms of animation, premise, or plot, but it’s still the kind of offering you’d turn your chair for. Sing possesses an infectious energy, and is really good fun – even if you will struggle to remember half the characters’ names an hour after watching it.

If you have to bring the LOs to see something, you could do worse than Sing, as at least it has some top tunes that you will recognise, and (hopefully) enjoy.

In Cinemas Now!  See Trailer Below:

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