Galway Pride Festival Returns For 2017!

Galway Pride, also known as Bród, is one of the city's most colourful festivals. [Image: Amach LGBT]

Image: Amach LGBTI

Building on the success of last year’s Galway Pride Festival, local businessman, Bruce Henry, is returning to lead the event again in 2017. Announcing the dates of the festival, which will run from 11th-20th August, Henry described the changes that are planned for this year’s festivities, and its organising committee, as necessary but exciting.

“We scaled very quickly in a short period of time last year, and like any organisation we encountered some growing pains.”, he says. “Since then, we’ve gone back to the drawing board and, in consultation with other festival committees, we have re-structured the organisation and made it more robust, more accountable, and more productive. The changes are needed to ensure the festival’s responsible growth and I’m confident that they’ll be welcomed positively by the community and will only serve to ensure a better Pride for the city.”

When asked why the festival is being extended from 7-10 days this year, Mr Henry explained “We want as many people as possible to join in the celebrations, so naturally, two weekends of activities are better than one!” Record numbers of people attended the program of events last year which included information evenings, a sold out comedy night, the traditional boat cruise, festive parade and main event party at the Black Box.

“We’ll be adding to the festival programming this year.” says Henry, “There’ll be more workshops, more educational and family events, hopefully more floats in the parade and more reasons to get out and celebrate individuality, self-expression and most importantly, Pride.”

Galway Pride Festival will be holding its first fundraiser of the year on February 24th in the Cellar Bar downstairs for a Britney Spears Dance Party. Entry is €5 and all proceeds go to The Galway Pride Festival 2017.

A public meeting on Galway Pride Festival 2017 is to be announced later in the month, with calls for anyone interested in getting involved to make contact through their website at www.galwaypridefestival.com.


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  1. This will be boycotted Bruce Henry was thrown off the committee last year and has no legal right to do any of this ,it is bad press he doesn’t even have a committee and his darling the Facebook page from Galway pride

  2. Bruce Henry has no right to run the event he has stolen the Facebook page from the community and has no right to run any events as a leader of the gay community as he was voted off the gay pride committee after causing problems between the community he registered gay pride as his own company for self profits witch go against the pride constitution

  3. Boycott Boycott it
    Boycott it!!!!

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