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For our music slot this morning, we feature Primal Static, with Fall Before Your Pride, from their new EP, Panstylistic. Primal Static, who were featured in our January 2017 monthly issue of EILE Magazine, are a two-piece alternative rock project, with blues and trance interlaced with their rock soul. Song-writer/singer/guitarist, GT, and Keyboardist/bassist, Houfei, use trance beats to layer depth into their original sound.

They are both life-long musicians, uniting two very different cultures. GT became impassioned as a child by rock and blues, drawing inspiration from many great musicians, from primal blues to modern electronic trance.

HouFei once said, “when I met GT, he was like a furious wild fire that lit up life and music for me as I had never known before”. Born in China, she played piano since the age of 4.  She now uses her vast keyboard skills to make the music that she feels was her destiny. Together, they make an awesome band.

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