Video: The Real Thing – Honey & Jude

This morning we feature one of EILE’s favourite duos, motown-loving’ pop singers, Honey & Jude, singing their latest release, The Real Thing. 

“This is a story of a Heartthrob from 1988 who accidentally travels in time to the year 2017, who then tries to win the heart of a classic California girl. He is very confused by today’s technology and instead of adapting to it he courts her in the chivalrous ways that she thought were long gone”.

Very appropriate for a duo who have been compared to Danny and Sandy from the film Grease!

Honey and Jude have collectively played several notable venues such as Hard Rock Cafe, House of Blues, The Foundation Room, and hail from LA. This upbeat pop track is well worth a listen, and you may find yourself dancing around the room as a result!

You can follow Honey & Jude, and download their music at:

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