When We Rise LGBT Mini-series Finale Part IV


Dustin Lance Black

When We Rise is an LGBT themed 8-hour miniseries about the real-life struggles of LGBT pioneers of equality, from writer/director and Academy Award Winner, Dustin Lance Black airing on ABC TV. 

It stars Guy Pearce as Cleve Jones, Mary-Louise Parker as Roma Guy, Rachel Griffiths as Diane, Michael K. Williams as Ken Jones, Austin McKenzie as Young Cleve, Jonathan Majors as Young Ken, Emily Skeggs as Young Roma, and Fiona Dourif as Young Diane.

Part IV: Cleve rejoins the fight, helping take California’s Prop 8 to the US Supreme Court; Roma fights for healthcare for all, and Ken looks to become strong again in an unlikely place – God’s home.

Phylicia Rashad, Debra Winger, Rob Reiner, Richard Schiff, T.R. Knight and Ivory Aquino Guest Star

“Part IV” written by Dustin Lance Black – It’s 2008, and in the face of California’s Proposition 8 stripping away the right of gays and lesbians to marry, a newly energized Cleve inspires a younger generation to organize a massive march on Washington D.C. to demand full, federal LGBTQ equality in all matters.

Meanwhile Roma uses her lessons learned as a women’s and LGBTQ activist to fight for healthcare for all in San Francisco. And as Ken struggles to reconcile his sexual orientation with his love of God, he recruits his old friend Cecilia Chung, now a health commissioner, to get the city to help fund a meal program for one of the first LGBTQ inclusive churches in the nation.

With newfound political pull, Cleve joins a rag-tag group of activists attempting to overturn California’s discriminatory Prop 8 at the U.S. Supreme Court. Ken finds his calling in helping bridge the gay/straight religious divide, and Roma defies her youthful distaste for the institution of marriage and proposes to the woman she’s loved for decades, Diane.

In the end, all of their fates hang on the decision of nine justices in the nation’s highest court, in the mini-series finale of When We Rise, FRIDAY, MARCH 3 (9:00–11:00 p.m. EST), on the ABC Television Network.

Guest starring are Phylicia Rashad as Yvette Flunder, Debra Winger as Justice Kagan, Henry Czerny as David Boies, Ivory Aquino as Cecilia Chung, Matthew Del Negro as Mayor Newsom, Mary McCormack as Roberta Kaplan, T.R. Knight as Chad Griffin, Todd Weeks as Tom Ammiano, Arliss Howard as Ted Olson, Rob Reiner as Mr. Blankenhorn, Pauley Perrette as Robin, Richard Schiff as Judge Walker, Phoebe Neidhardt as Annie, Alexandra Grey as Seville, William Sadler as Chuck Cooper, Jack Plotnick as Gilbert, Maddie Corman as Phyllis, Sianoa Smit-McPhee as Annie, Jayne Taini as Elouise, Larry Guli as Justice Scalia, Jazzmun as Bobbi, Larissa Laskin as Roma’s Sister, Sandy Stier as Sandy Stier, Jeff Zarillo as Jeff Zarillo, Juan Riedinger as Jandro, Jeremiah Birkett as Paul, Paul Katami as Paul Katami, Kris Perry as Kris Perry, Luis Jose Lopez as Victor, Alex Reznik as Mitch, Prado Yvel Gomez as Trans Singer, Carla Pauli as Staffer and Douglas Smith as Young Man.

“Part IV” was written and directed by Dustin Lance Black.

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