UK: Anglican Bishop Urges Full Acceptance of Same-sex Marriages


The Rt Rev John Wraw, Bishop of Bradwell

The Anglican Bishop of Bradwell in the UK, Rt Rev John Wraw, who had been diagnosed 3 years ago with multiple myeloma, a form of cancer that was ‘treatable but not curable’, and now is no longer treatable, has come out in favour of same-sex marriages. He has said that same-sex relationships are “God given”, and he hopes that there will be “full acceptance of same-sex marriages in the Church of England”.

In a letter to clergy, friends and colleagues, he wrote:

“I have no desire to criticise my fellow Bishops and recognise the reflection, prayer and care that has been given to offering leadership and teaching in this. However, there is still a lack of pastoral understanding and care shown in public pronouncements and a lack of venturesome and creative theological reflection on the nature of relationships and the place of marriage within that.

More time does need to be given to a well-founded theology of relationship, friendship and marriage which I hope will lead in time to a full acceptance of same sex marriages in the Church of England. That will take time. However, that should not hold us back in the immediate from proper recognition through prayers, blessing, celebration and affirmation of all that is good and wholesome in a wide variety of relationships including stable, faithful, committed and God given same sex relationships”.

He also stated in a BBC Essex interview that he wants immediate Church of England affirmation of same-sex relationships which are committed, faithful, and stable.

A Church of England Synod has recently shown some progress when it refused a call to continuing objections to same-sex marriage, even though some bishops are vehemently opposed to it.


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