US Theatre & Petition Against New Disney Movie’s Gay Character


Josh Gad (left) and Luke Evans

A theatre in Alabama, the Dekalb County Theatre, has cancelled the showing of the new Disney Beauty and the Beast film, starring Emma Watson as Belle, due to the inclusion of a gay character, and a petition has been drawn up on to boycott the movie.

The petition states that Disney has come under increasing pressure from LGBT activists to “promote their agenda in their kids’ films, including a campaign to make Elsa from “Frozen” a lesbian”.

The director of the film has said that it will feature Disney’s first “exclusively gay moment” involving the character of Le Fou, Gaston’s sidekick, played by actor Josh Gad, who is confused about his feelings. Gad has tweeted that he is “beyond proud of this”. However, while some fans are pleased with the inclusion, others feel that the character is a gay stereotype.

The anti-LGBT petition states that this comes only days after Disney aired a same-sex kiss on one of its shows (a “Star vs The Forces of Evil” episode). Disney has also included a gay relationship in a TV series called Good Luck Charlie”.



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