Video: Gay Singer Paul Middleton’s New Single – Hanging In There

International gay singer, Paul Middleton, from the UK, has just launched a great new single, ‘HANGING IN THERE’, which was co-written by Paul himself.

It is the title track from the new motion picture, ‘Hanging In There’, the story of a man diagnosed with testicular cancer, and the effect that has on his relationships with his wife and friends.

One of our favourite artists, EILE Magazine featured Paul in our January 2015 edition, and he is a particularly popular with the gay community in Ireland. We also have a feature on Paul in our latest March 2017 issue above, on page 15 – check it out for more information on Paul. 

Paul has released two successful albums to date, ‘Covers 1 & 2’, which have been hugely successful. ‘HANGING IN THERE’ is his debut as a writer, a beautiful, empowering song which encourages us all to stay strong, using the power of love to pull us through hard times.

Hanging In There was written by Paul Middleton and Lee Turner, and produced by Lee Turner. The video was directed and produced by Darren Scott and Matt Chamberlain.

HANGING IN THERE is available now on iTunes along with Paul’s past albums and singles.

You can visit Paul at:





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