IDGTF 2017 – Powerful drama that packs a punch!

Love, Desire and Hidden Passions at IDGTF 2017

As the International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival uncovers hidden desires and passions, things are about to get very dramatic!

Their heroes and heroines are exploring their deepest desires and passions in 2017. Passionate friends and lovers, break-ups, questioning ‘straight’ men, young desires, fighters and hidden secrets – the IDGTF programme has it all! Some of the details are below:

Week 1 – Mon 1- Sat 6 May

 In Naked Soldier… a young man discovers his desire for other men.  As he searches for new men he reveals insights about dating and desire.
An Unexpected Party… a year after the death of a gay man, his sister and ex are about to meet to reconcile their feelings.
But she’s drunk … and he’s bringing his new young boyfriend.  Things are not going to go to plan.
The Tearing Up of Fergal & Tim… Fergal and Tim’s ‘civilised’ break-up escalates into a full-on battle of the wills.  In a double-bill with Fronting – on the night he decides to search for love again, a young HIV-positive man tells his roller-coaster story.
In Gypsy Queen ‘Gorgeous’ George, a feared and admired Traveller boxer develops a relationship with his coach’s gay son… Prepare for conflict inside and outside the ring!
A Peculiar Arrangement … Mike is engaged to Jenny, but then he meets John…  A comedy about searching for love and acceptance in an every-changing world.
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