Fashion Revolution Week Comes To Ireland – Irish Organisations Support The Cause

Fashion Revolution is a global movement now on the ground in Ireland kicking off with a week-long series of events across the country.

Fashion Revolution organisers are on a mission to celebrate fashion as a positive influence. From April 24th to April 30th, Ireland’s Fashion Revolutionaries will be hosting many events, including film screenings, pop-up shops, vintage clothing, walking tours, street art exhibitions, clothing swaps, podcasts, and more, to inspire action to solve the problems the fashion industry is causing.

Fashion Revolution Week’s arrival in Ireland coincides with the anniversary of the Rana Plaza garment factory collapse in Bangladesh, which killed 1,138 people and injured of 2000 more, on 24th April 2013.

In Bangladesh garment workers earn just €49.56 per month, which is less than is calculated as the basic living wage. With almost 80% of the workforce in this industry being young women, and living in poverty, it’s time for change.

To raise awareness, and start the conversation, organisers around the country are calling on fashion-lovers to join fellow organisations across the world, asking leading fashion brands #whomademyclothes, across social media.

One of the campaign’s organisers, Rosie O’Reilly of Re-Dress, says:

“We are one of over 90 countries involved in the Fashion Revolution movement this year. We will be calling on people across the country to take part in the campaign for better fashion. The global fashion industry is worth well over two trillion dollars, an industry of such value should not be able to profit at the cost of people and planet, it’s time for change and time to ask “who made our clothes”?”

Yvonne O’Callaghan, SIPTU Global Solidarity Committee commented:

“Four years ago 1138 workers perished in the worst tragedy in the history of the world’s garment industry. They were making the clothes that we buy every day in Ireland.SIPTU is supporting Fashion Revolution Week as it not only commemorates those lives lost, it also promotes a conversation around fast fashion and supply chain transparency. Everybody should get informed because we all have the power to change the industry that so desperately needs to be revolutionised.”

Fashion Revolution events will take place in Dublin, Galway, Cork, and Sligo, April 24th to April 30th.


More details will be posted on the Facebook Event page.

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