The Tearing up of Fergal and Tim – Gay divorce comes to the Dublin Gay Theatre Festival

Fergal and Tim are breaking up. And it’s going to be ‘very civil’. Until it’s not.

Two men’s attempts to have a ‘civilised breakup’ after their long-term relationship ends, goes disastrously awry, when a dispute over the ownership of a book of poems opens old wounds, and escalates into physical violence and a full on battle of wills.

‘The Tearing Up of Fergal and Tim’, by Sean Denyer, is part of a double bill with a new play from Scotland called, ‘Fronting’, written by Darren Hardie.

Director Howard Lodge said:

‘’It’s rare to see a play about a long term gay couple breaking up, maybe because until recently the fact of them existing at all was barely acknowledged. This piece is both funny and sad. In a small amount of time you see exactly why they have fallen apart but more tellingly perhaps, what brought them together in the first place.”

“….quite splendidly performed by the company ensemble” Irish Independent

The Tearing Up of Fergal and Tim first appeared as part of an evening of short plays at the Theatre Upstairs in Dublin, playing to packed houses, before moving on to the Limerick Fringe.

This is Blue Heart Theatre’s third time in the International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival.

In 2015, company member Brian Higgins, who is also in this play, was awarded the Best Actor award at the Festival, for his role in ‘Tuesdays at Tescos’, by Emanuel Darley.

Date/time: 9.00pm 1-6 May 2017 (Matinees on 1st/6th at 2.30pm)

Venue: The Pearse Centre


Price: €15/13

The International Dublin gay Theatre Festival is the world’s largest LGBT festival and runs from May 1-13 2017.

For more information, to see the full programme, and book tickets go to

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