US: Trump admin drops North Carolina ‘bathroom bill’ lawsuit

The Trump administration has dropped a lawsuit accusing North Carolina of discriminating against LGBT residents on Friday, in response to the state’s decision to undo its “bathroom bill,” according to the Associated Press.

The filing represents the first significant movement in a tangle of legal action challenging the state’s nondiscrimination laws since a deal last month to replace the law, known as House Bill 2, the report said. The law required transgender people to use the bathrooms, changing rooms and showers in state-run buildings that correspond to the sex on their birth certificates rather than their gender identity.

But advocacy groups, which say the new law continues to discriminate against gay and transgender people, have vowed to continue with a separate federal lawsuit, according to the AP.

Measures similar to North Carolina’s House Bill 2 were filed in 16 states this legislative session. Momentum had already slowed for most of the bills and some of them had failed.

Businesses and sports leagues had boycotted North Carolina because they saw the year-old law as discriminatory.


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