National LGBT Federation expects largest ever protest at Russian Embassy today

The National LGBT Federation (NXF) calls on the LGBT+ community and allies to join them at the Russian Embassy in Dublin today from 17:00 to 19:00 to protest the Russian Government’s inaction on the atrocities against gay men in Chechnya.

With approximately 1,000 people registered on Facebook to attend the event, the NXF say that even if a fraction of that number attended, it would be a record-breaking turnout.

The event Facebook page can be found here:

At least 100 gay men have been reportedly rounded up by police and detained in secret detention centres. There are reports of beatings and torture, and at least 3 have been reportedly killed. Government leaders in both Chechnya and Russia are refusing to acknowledge this is happening.

Protest organiser Dearbhla Mhaille said:

“The religious and socially conservative region of Chechnya is attempting to purge its society of gay men and Russia is so far turning a blind eye and allowing it to happen.

“We are protesting at the Russian Embassy because Chechnya is a federal republic of Russia. It has no independent presence on the international stage and it has no diplomatic presence in other countries. In terms of international relations, Russia speaks for Chechnya.

“We want to send a message that Ireland stands in solidarity with our community in Chechnya and we will not sit still as these human rights violations take place.”

The group is asking attendees to bring rainbow flags, pink triangles, placards and lots of energy. And to take as many photos and videos as possible and post them to social media using the hashtags #Chechnya100Ireland and #Chechnya100

The full address of the Russian Embassy is 186 Orwell Rd, Rathmines Little, Dublin.

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