Garda Confirm Largest Ever Protest at Russian Embassy

Photo: Michael Fitzgerald, Clontarf Media

 The National LGBT Federation (NXF), Ireland’s leading and oldest LGBT rights group, staged the largest-ever protest yesterday (Thursday 20th April) outside the Russian Embassy in Dublin, to protest the reported detention, torture and murder of gay men in Chechnya. Garda confirmed that over 200 people had attended the demonstration. 

Photo: Michael Fitzgerald, Clontarf Media

Protest organiser Dearbhla Mealy said:

“The religious and socially conservative region of Chechnya is attempting to purge its society of gay men and Russia is so far turning a blind eye and allowing it to happen.

“We are protesting at the Russian Embassy because Chechnya is a federal republic of Russia. It has no independent presence on the international stage and it has no diplomatic presence in other countries. In terms of international relations, Russia speaks for Chechnya.

“We want to send a message that Ireland stands in solidarity with our community in Chechnya and we will not sit still as these human rights violations take place.”

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