GLEN: Jillian Van Turnhout To Carry Out Review

Jillian Van Turnhout has been appointed by GLEN to carry out a review of the organisation.

GLEN has had to answer queries from the Charities Regulator, after Chairperson and long-time activist, Kieran Rose, who resigned yesterday, had received funding of €11,500 for his senatorial campaign, apparently out of the organisation’s funds.

Mr Rose had repaid the money in full, but apparently the transaction was carried out without the knowledge of the full board.

The review is set to begin on Monday, 24 April, reporting back to the board after a six week period.

GLEN has today released the following statement on the appointment:

Statement from the board of GLEN

The board of the Gay and Lesbian Equality Network (GLEN) has engaged Jillian van Turnhout to carry out a comprehensive review of the organisation.

Jillian has a wide range of experience of governance of not-for-profit organisations. She is widely respected for her independence and integrity. She will commence her work on Monday next, April 24th and will report to the board within a period of six weeks.

Jillian’s initial work will focus on advising the board on corporate governance and compliance issues. She will also advise the Board on strategic decisions regarding the future of GLEN and will engage with staff, stakeholders and board members before making recommendations on the future direction of the organisation. The board has asked Jillian to review compliance with Charities Regulations and advise on how to ensure compliance.

Separately the board has engaged an independent financial consultant to review the financial administration of the organisation.

The Board stated:

“We are delighted that Jillian has agreed to act as a consultant and to work with the board at this time. We look forward to building on work which we had commenced in reforming corporate governance structures. GLEN has a proud history spanning three decades. In celebrating that legacy, we also need to develop a strategy for the future. We can think of no better person that Jillian to assist us in identifying the needs of the LGBTI community and signposting the role of GLEN in meeting those needs.”

Commenting on her appointment Jillian said:

“I am looking forward to working with GLEN and will do everything I can to assist the board. Throughout my career I have had a strong commitment to equality and the achievement of progressive social change. I hope my work will help ensure that GLEN is not only fully compliant with statutory obligations and corporate governance but also has a strategic vision. My experience with similar organisations will be of assistance in this regard. I will not be making any public statements until my work is completed within the time frame agreed with the board.”


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